HOB - Still waiting for my dress! no one returns calls!

Hartford, Connecticut 0 comments

I ordered my dress from HOB in May and was emailed a few months ago saying the dress would ship to them at the Beginning of August.I called a few weeks ago to check the status since I have not heard anything or recieved my dress.

I was told that it is their busy season and it should ship to me by the end of August. I was also told that someone would email or call me and it has been 2 weeks and several emails later on my end and still no response!! Well here it is the last day of August and no dress! The wedding is in October and I need to have alterations done.

One of the other bridesmaids paid extra for a "rush" delivery and has been getting the run around as well. This is not right!

The poor bride has enough to worry about and here we all are waiting for our dresses to come in.I will never order from here again and you can keep your $25 coupon that you are throwing around at everyone who complains!

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